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The fetal heart. Four chamber view Four chamber view. Color Doppler imaging Pulmonary veins Severe heart defect. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome Ventricular septal defect Five chamber view. Color Doppler imaging 3D echokardiography. Aortic valve stenosis Aortic arch Heart defect. Stenosis of the aortic arch 3D echocardiography. Tricuspid valve atresia Aberrant right subclavian artery Tranposition of the great arteries

Fetal echocardiography describes a special ultrasound examination of the heart using two-dimensional and Doppler sonography. It is also possible to use three- and four-dimensional procedures (stic, live-3D) and multislice imaging sequences (TUI, i-slice). The aim is to prenatally diagnose and to improve the treatment of congenital heart defects. In order to be able to perform fetal echocardiography and anomaly diagnosis, the examiner must be particularly highly qualified and have enough relevant experience, and a high-resolution ultrasound scanner is required.

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